We love restaurants and we love technology. Blue Plate Special is the place where we marry these two loves into one sweet home.

Check out our blog where you'll find all the latest restaurant technology news, with our snarky commentary baked right in. A little bit of us is in every post.

If the blog didn't scare you away, you might be interested in our irregular podcast. Why is it irregular? Well, if you've seen our blog, you know our content is a bit off kilter but in reality, we just can't always say when we we'll have enough content to make it worth your time. Ok, we're really just lazy and podcast when we don't have any sleeping to do.

What is a Blue Plate Special?

Its one of those phrases where there isn't really a universally accepted origin, but it became common usage in the late 1920s depression area in the United States. It referred to blue, or blue patterned, plates on which an inexpensive daily special was served in diners or cafes. No one is sure why blue plates were selected for this special but it was likely related to that type of plate being the least expensive option for serving a low-cost meal. Wikipedia has a more lengthy overview of the phrase if you really need to kill 10 minutes of time.

We chose the phrase to be our site name because 1) we're cheap (free to our readers and listeners) and 2) we want to bring you the best new content every day. We hope you love reading and listening to BPS as much as we love bringing it to you.

Why trust us?

Frankly, you probably shouldn't. We all work in technology jobs in the restaurant industry, but we're doing this as a way to share with you our love. Still, we hope to be the ones that inform you of the best in technology news for restaurants. If we do that, or if we don't, head over to our feedback page and tell us how we've disappointed you this time.

Where else to find us

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All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.
— Albert Camus